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Mosquito Control


os1 In addition to bugging you, mosquitoes can be a risk to your health during the warmer months. We can treat potentially infested sites and other problem areas. Keeping them away is not a one-time event — it’s a process. Our mosquito control technicians work to deliver unique solutions — rooted in science — to help you take back your yard.
With award-winning training and advanced technology, Bradford Bugs will look for conditions that invite mosquitoes, tackle current infestations, and stop the life cycle to help reduce the number of mosquitos in your yard. With more than 160 hours of training just in the first year, Bradford Bugs knows how to target his treatment on your property.
Wildlife Management


os2 Bradford Bugs, we respect nature and believe wildlife and people can coexist — just not inside your home. Our wildlife management solutions use an effective combination of scientific treatment methods to achieve acceptable levels of control. We work with you to minimize the impact to you, your pets, or the environment.
Bradford Bugs will look for conditions that invite wildlife into your home, remove invaders, and help deter future ones. With more than 160 hours of training just in the first year, we will know the classification and behavior of wildlife so he can target his solution to your home.
Carpenter Ant Control


os3 There are more than 12,000 ant species in the world, 700 in North America alone. Of those, the carpenter ant is one of the most difficult to control. Any home is vulnerable because they sneak in through tiny cracks and leave a chemical trail so the colony can follow.
Carpenter ants can nest anywhere around your house — in the walls and under the floor. Once ants march into your home, they hollow out the wood and can cause extreme damage if they go undetected or untreated for a long period of time. We offer advanced protection with a three-step process that helps address carpenter ant issues in your home:
A Free Ant Inspection (Assessment)
Home remedies rarely eliminate Ant problems. If you spot an infestation or want to be sure your house is protected, we will perform a free home inspection. He’ll check for moisture and soft wood in areas like windows, chimneys, sinks, and doorframes, where ants like to nest. And, he’ll help identify entry points that allow ants to sneak inside. If he finds any carpenter ants, he can also search for the colony’s nest so it can be targeted.
Getting the Job Done (Implement)
Once the Bradford Bugs finishes his assessment, he will document his findings and work with you to make a plan to address the issues related to your infestation. He will treat any infestation areas and we will provide recommendations and work with the customer to identify ways to help reduce moisture or other conditions that may attract ants to your home.
Flea Control


os4 Warm temperatures are ideal for flea reproduction and development. Flea control is, therefore, more difficult in warmer climates where their entire reproductive cycle may be completed within two weeks.
Both humans and pets can suffer from flea bites. Although most fleas don’t live on humans, they can bite humans, causing skin irritation, allergies, and human diseases such as typhus and tularemia.Free Flea Inspection and Treatment (Assessment)
Bradford Bug will first inspect your home for fleas. He will determine the extent of the infestation by searching your pets, house, and other points of entry such as attics and crawl spaces.
Once he assesses the infestation or potential infestation areas, we will administer proper treatment to strategic locations. To make sure the adults are treated and don’t breed, any potential infestation sites, your whole home should be treated. We can also advise you on possible ways to help minimize risks so fleas don’t jump back into your life.

Devise A Year-Round Solution (Monitor)
Keep in mind that controlling flea infestations is difficult and may require additional or periodic visits, especially if you have pets. We can discuss additional treatments with you, as well as give you advice on the best pet and yard care to help minimize flea infestations from returning.
Flea infestations require a comprehensive plan that should include both chemical and physical treatments around your home. Going after the fleas you see isn’t enough to control the problem; you must also treat your carpets, furniture, and bedding. Keeping fleas away is not a one-time event — it’s a process

Tick Control


os5 Tick Control
There are a few tick species commonly found in the Unites States. Many of them can cause skin irritation, but they can also cause a variety of medical problems for you, your family, and your pets, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
Ticks are hard to control because they live in trees and bushes. Often an infestation can go unnoticed until they show up on pets or people. Outside, keeping your grass short and your trees cut back from the yard can help. We will assess, treat, and monitor your home and yard to help keep ticks from hanging around.
A Free Tick Inspection (Assessment)
Bradford Bug can provide a tick inspection on your home and yard. In addition to looking for current infestation problems, he can also check for ideal spots that may encourage ticks to hang out, like heavily wooded areas, tall grass, or even areas with high moisture.
Getting the Job Done (Implement)
once we assess your situation, he will discuss a comprehensive plan with you. If needed, we can administer proper treatment to areas frequented by ticks. We can also advise you on possible ways to prevent ticks from hitchhiking back into your home.
A Year-Round Solution (Monitor)
after the first treatment, we can create an ongoing tick treatment plan as well as give advice on how to help keep ticks at bay. Because of the weather changes, your tick treatment may have to be reapplied periodically based on your area and unique home.
Attic Insulation


os6Attic Insulation
Inadequate insulation can lead to heating and cooling loss. We offer whole home solutions that can help protect your house against this loss as well as help provide some protection against unwanted pests. This includes special insulation for your attics, crawlspaces, and basements that not only insulates, but gives an extra defense against intrusive pests.
A Free Insulation Inspection (Assessment)
Bradford Bug can come out to your home and assess your current insulation and pest control needs.
Getting the Job Done (Implement)
Once Bradford Bugs assesses your situation, we will create a plan based on his findings and discuss the following options with you.
Bradford also offers rolled batting insulation for your attic and crawlspace. This type of insulation is formaldehyde-free and can improve indoor air quality while providing sound control. In addition, it can lower your energy bill and has a lower environmental impact
A Year-Round Solution (Monitor)
Bradford Bug will continue to monitor and protect your home by looking for ways to keep pests out and heat in, We can be easily removed for periodic inspection, cleaning, or repairs.
Moisture Control


os7There are a few telltale signs that moisture is likely invading your home: sticking windows, mildew, peeling paint, aggravated allergies, and foul, musty odors. Moisture in your home can be a major threat to your home’s value, setting the stage for problems that, if left untreated, can include termite infestation, mold, or even structural damage.
A Free Moisture Inspection (Assessment)
If you want your moisture tested, Bradford Bugs can come and conduct readings to accurately identify moisture issues. He will also conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home, documenting any problems with photos.
Getting the Job Done (Implement)
To help protect your home from moisture issues, Bradford Bug will recommend a series of measures that create a Dry Zone program for your home. This process includes cleaning out the space, sealing all vents, installing a moisture-blocking polypropylene barrier, and adding moisture meters to monitor ongoing moisture levels. If necessary, a dehumidifier may also be installed.
A Year-Round Solution (Monitor)
After installation, we will inspect your moisture levels periodically to be sure the moisture is controlled. The easy-to-use moisture sensor also allows you to monitor the moisture levels in your crawlspace or basement to get ahead of any growing problems.
Dry Zone is a moisture management program designed to help meet your home’s specific needs, construction type, and geographical location. It can help prevent high moisture levels that can lead to pest issues or possibly mold and mildew. Installing Dry Zone can extend the life of your home’s structure in the long term. In the short term, Dry Zone can also help improve your home’s air quality and energy efficiency.
Stinging Pest


os8Warm weather tends to bring everyone outside, including stinging pests. While the stings from wasps, bees, hornets, or yellow jackets may hurt, they can also cause more serious health issues like painful swelling, infections, nausea, and in rare cases even death. Not only do you need to worry about the stinging pests themselves, but also about locating and removing their breeding places.
If you find a nest on your property, removing it safely and completely can be difficult. Bradford Bug can come out and perform an inspection of your yard and home. Once we locate their nest, we can treat the pests as well as remove the source.
More about Honey Bees
Bee in the know.
Honey bees can produce substantial amounts of honey, as can several other bee species. As pollinators, honey bees are critical to the environment and the food supply. Unfortunately, they also can become a medical and structural threat if they nest near people and buildings. Bees and other pollinators are protected in many states, so if an infestation should occur in or near a dwelling, you should consider contacting a local beekeeper to relocate the nest. A beekeeper can assess the situation and determine if it is feasible to remove the nest. This can be an intensive process, especially if the nest is large. For more information on honey bee nest relocation, contact a local beekeeper of an apiary society. [http://www.beeculture.com/content/whoswho/]

Pest Control


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